Our Fragrances

Our fragrances will bring joy to every odour free journey. Feel luxurious with our unique range of carefully crafted AirVive car fragrances. Choose the fragrance your heart desires as a 5ml optional add-on when purchasing AirVidox or as a standalone 50ml bottle.  

luxury fragrances

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New Leather
Luxury leather notes to excite and intrigue.
Candy Gum
A mouth watering candy rainbow for the young at heart. 

Miss Million - For Her
Designed for the glamorous, daring and brave with notes of mandarin, lilac and amber. 

Choco Love
A warm milk chocolate aroma - breathe in your guilty pleasure.

Lady J - For Her
Pure energy created by tangerine and lemon on a base of ebony and teak woods.

Vanilla Cookie

For that fresh baked cookie delight.

Wild Rose - For Her
A soft, delicate diffusion of deep red petals.

Pink Strawberry
Floral fruity notes of sun drenched strawberries

The Bold - For Him

Create an alluring atmosphere with this collection of cedar and white musk on a base of vanilla, cedar and fresh lime.

So Berry

Bright fresh and tangy - A sweet collection of fresh summer berries.

Marni Man - For Him
Mysteriously exotic and spicy with notes of olive blossom, leather and fresh lime.

Fresh Lemon
An uplifting fragrance of freshly squeezed lemons.