SPECIAL OFFER - AirVisan + Car Cleaner Concentrate
SPECIAL OFFER - AirVisan + Car Cleaner Concentrate

SPECIAL OFFER - AirVisan + Car Cleaner Concentrate

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1.) Thoroughly vacuum your car throughout.
2.) Mix the Interior Cleaning Solution with 5 litres hot water.
3.) Dip a microfibre cloth into it, wring out and wipe down all reachable surfaces, including the headliner (Interior Roof). Focus on areas where your pet has been sitting.
4.) Spray AirVisan onto the carpets and interior of vehicle to remove pet odours & sanitise your vehicle.

AirVisan Safely Kills Germs & Odours
* Free from alcohol, aldehydes,
surfactants, fragrances and dyes
* Non-irritating - Non hazardous
* Non flammable
* Hypoallergenic
* Antibacterial
* Anti-fungal
* Skin Safe
* Antiviral

Independently tested to meet the following Standards:
EN1276, EN1650 & EN13727

Has a temporary and mild chlorine smell that dissipates quickly, once dry.

Environmentally friendly - propellent free fine mist fogger
Disperse AirVisan via our airless (aerosol-free), fine mist sprayer. Each squeeze of the trigger dispenses 1.2cc of AirVisan per second in a long continuous spray. Repeated actuation will produce an even fine mist over large areas. A great feature is the 360 degree upside down spray capability to reach less accessible areas. 

* Eliminates Pet odours
* Delivers an even, continuous fine mist spray
* Refillable. The closure is easily removed for refilling with AirVisan 5 Litre

AirVidox Car Interior Cleaning Concentrate
Designed as a vehicle cleaning solution prior to using AirVisan or AirVidox.
Our concentrated AirVidox interior cleaner provides a deep and effective clean for your vehicle’s fabric interior. It will help ensure that the source of the odour is removed by instantly breaking down deep seated odourous molecules. This product is far superior at removing surface dirt than other cleaning products.
This product can be used on all interior fabric vehicle areas. To clean your leather, please use our AirVidox leather cleaner.

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