AirVive Multi Surface Odour Remover - Micro Mist 300ml

AirVive Multi Surface Odour Remover - Micro Mist 300ml

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AirVive Professional Air Balancer, is a unique formulation which blends innovative ingredients to effectively combat a wide range of malodours. It counteracts and neutralises unpleasant odours and can be used before treating your car with Airvidox Odour Eliminator.

Spray directly onto carpets and surfaces after cleaning your car thoroughly with an interior cleaner. This will help neutralise the source of odours embedded within the surfaces of your car. 

Follow up the treatment with Airvidox Odour Eliminator to effectively eliminate all remaining odours. 

  This product is:
* Non-hazardous
* No Surface Residues
* Bio-Based
* Fabric Safe
* Leather & Carpet Safe


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