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Premium microfiber cloth, microfibre cloth can be used to clean the interior of your vehicle
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AirVidox - Car Interior Cleaning Concentrate | 100ml

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AirVidox Car Interior Cleaning Concentrate 

Designed as a vehicle cleaning solution prior to using AirVidox. 

Our concentrated AirVidox interior cleaner provides a deep and effective clean for your vehicle’s fabric interior. It will help ensure that the source of the odour is removed by instantly breaking down deep seated odourous molecules. This product is far superior at removing surface dirt than other cleaning products.

This product can be used on all interior fabric vehicle areas. To clean your leather, please use our AirVidox leather cleaner

How to use:

1.) Pour AirVidox cleaning concentrate into 5 litres of warm water.

2.) Immerse AirVidox cloth in the solution. Wring out and wipe all fabric surfaces with the damp cloth. Rinse cloth often. Do not overwet fabrics.

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