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If Your Vehicle Has A Bad Odour, You've Come To The Right Place

How AirVidox Works

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Eliminate unpleasant odours with ease!

Whether you have a car that reeks of cigarette smoke or like a dog that's been swimming in a swamp, AirVidox will eliminate the odours completely. Visit our shop to purchase AirVidox today.


How it works

1. Clean Interior

AirVidox is highly effective at removing odours but it's important to clean your vehicles interior beforehand to remove any physical odour sources. We offer interior cleaning products on our webshop to make the removal of physical dirt and oils easy. 

2. Treat With AirVidox

Once the interior of your vehicle has been cleaned, it’s time to use AirVidox to remove the remaining odours. Place the AirVidox jar in your vehicle, close all doors and leave for 8 hours. AirVIdox is safe to use in both cloth and leather vehicle interiors. 

3. Air Out The Car

After 8 hours, open the vehicle doors and let the car air out for 10 minutes. The car odours will be gone! AirVidox leaves no harmful residue and you can use the vehicle straight away. Try our luxury car fragrances to make your vehicle smell extraordinary!

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What Our Customers Have Said

Tried the AirVidox product 2 weeks ago on the second hand car that reeked of wet dog. Neither my wife or I can smell the dog smell anymore. Fantastic product. 5*****.
See our TrustPilot reviews. 

Mr Shoff - Reviewed on Trustpilot

We valeted the vehicle 5 times but nothing would remove the smell of the cigar smoke smell in our clients vehicle. We tried AirVidox and it took the smell out completely. Our customer was very pleased. Thank you.

Martin - Pro valeter at Lamborghini Sevenoaks

Used in a car that had been smoked in everyday for 14 cigarette smoke smell now...amazing! I would also recommend their fragrances because they smell lovely!
See our TrustPilot reviews. 

Tracey C - Reviewed on Trustpilot


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