AirVidox | Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirVidox?
AirVidox is a product which removes bad odours from your vehicle. AirVidox is extremely easy to use. You simply have to mix the two components together and place the solution in your vehicle for 8 hours. This will generate a gas which destroys vehicle odours. Once the treatment is complete, simply remove the solution and run it under an outside tap to deactivate. AirVidox leaves no harmful residue and no dangerous by-products.  

Who Uses AirVidox?
The popularity of AirVidox is growing exponentially. We supply commercial used car dealers throughout England. These include large auto groups and independent companies. Due to the high demand and countless requests, a version of AirVidox has been specifically designed for consumer use. 

How do I ensure the most effective treatment?
When treating your vehicle with AirVidox, ensure that all the windows are shut. It is important to clean or remove all evident odour sources. For example, clean spillages and remove odour causing objects. Also ensure that the vehicle is dry before use. This allows AirVidox to focus on penetrating into the upholstery, floor mats and crevices where stubborn odours linger. AirVidox is highly effective at removing the lingering smell of an odour source. Results are most effective after a high level deep clean has been done. Always remove the source of the odour before treating with AirVidox.

What will my car smell like after treatment?
You will notice a chlorine smell immediately after using AirVidox. This will fade within a few days and leave your vehicle smelling neutral. Once the treatment is complete, open doors and windows for at least 15 minutes to air out the vehicle. Your car will be left fresh and odourless.

Is AirVidox safe?
AirVidox uses chlorine dioxide as an active component in the odour removal treatment. Chlorine dioxide is commercially used for water treatment as well as fruit and vegetable sterilisation. It leaves no harmful byproducts and simply breaks down into a basic saltwater solution.
When treating your vehicle with AirVidox, it is important not to inhale the gas released for an extended period of time as it may irritate your throat and lungs. Only treat your vehicle when it is outside and in a well ventilated area. Once you have opened the doors and let the gas dissipate, you can use your vehicle immediately. 

What is Chlorine Dioxide?
Chlorine Dioxide, an active component in our product is commercially used for water treatment and food sterilisation. To create Chlorine Dioxide, companies have to acquire extremely costly equipment as it needs to be produced on site.
AirVidox is revolutionary, as we have enabled this process to be undertaken on a small, cost effective scale, where users require no training. 

Can AirVidox be used to treat rooms?
AirVidox is highly effective at removing all odours. However the AirVidox gas may cause irritation to the throat and lungs. It is therefore advisable to only treat vehicles outside and in a well ventilated space. If AirVidox is used to treat a room, ensure that windows are shut and that there are no occupants present. Once treatment is complete, open windows to dissipate the gas. 
If you are using AirVidox for an indoor treatment please send us a message. We can advise on the number of units required to effectively treat the space.