Secretions from a dogs anal glands, (used to mark their territory), can cause unpleasant smells in your vehicle. Dogs inadvertently release these secretions in your vehicle when they are excited for their outing.

Unfortunately the odour from this oily secretion can be unpleasant, especially if these glands are infected.


To remove dog odour from your vehicle, we recommend the following steps:

  • After vacuuming, using a micro fibre cloth, wipe the entire interior of the vehicle down, including the roof lining, with AirVidox Interior Cleaner solution, focusing on the area where your dog has been sitting. This solution will help to dissolve and extract the oily secretion.


  • When you are satisfied that the area is clean, spray AirVive Multi Surface Vehicle Odour Remover on the area where the dog has been sitting and on all interior surfaces including the roof lining. Allow carpets and surfaces to dry thoroughly.



 3 step dog odour removing process:

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