Dog smell in your vehicle


The severity of dog odour will vary from car to car. The odour is caused by moisture and oils on the fur which are absorbed into the car’s interior. This leads to a build-up of bacteria in the vehicle which causes an odour that progressively gets worse.
Secretions from a dogs anal glands (used to mark their territory), can also cause unpleasant smells in your vehicle. Dogs inadvertently release these secretions in your vehicle when they are excited for their outing. Unfortunately the odour from this oily secretion can be unpleasant, especially if these glands are infected.

Step 1: Vacuum the car

To begin, remove dog odour affected contents such as clothing, toys and cushions. Vacuum all areas of the car ensuring that all fur has been removed. Don’t forget to vacuum the dash and interior roof of the vehicle as a dog’s breath releases pungent moisture particles which dry on your vehicles interior.

Step 2: Clean the Windows

Depending on the size of the dog, windows may get covered in saliva and moisture from the fur. This releases odour into your vehicle which is emphasised on a sunny day. Use a window cleaning solution to clean the interior windows of the car.

Step 3: Wipe down all surfaces:

Moisture and oil from the dog is absorbed by the upholstery and interior mats. It is therefore crucial to clean the interior surfaces of the car thoroughly using a good quality interior cleaner.

We recommend using Airvidox Interior Cleaner to do this. Pour AirVidox car interior cleaning concentrate into 5 Litres of warm water. Remove the foot-well mats from the car. Soak a cloth in the liquid solution cloth and wipe down all the areas of the car making sure to also clean the roof lining and hard surfaces of the car. Rinse out the cloth often.

Leave to dry.


Step 4: Treat with Airvidox:



Have a piece of cardboard ready on which to place the Airvidox jar once it has been activated, to prevent any spillage risk.
You are now ready to activate Airvidox.

Activation: Add powder from container labelled ‘Part A’ to larger jar labelled ‘Part B’. Add 60ml of cold water to powder mixture. Close lid of container tightly and shake for 30 seconds.
A dark yellow gel will form, indicating that AirVidox is activated. Open the lid of the jar and place it on the piece of cardboard in the car (You can use the cardboard box provided). Close all the doors and windows and leave the jar in the car overnight for 8 hours (preferably overnight).

After 8 hours, recirculate the gas through the ventilation system for a further 30 minutes. Making sure to avoid breathing in the gas. Once complete, open the doors of your vehicle and leave the gas to dissipate before removing the AirVidox jar.

Remove the AirVidox jar and leave the vehicle to air out for a further 30 minutes before driving. The car will have a slight post treatment smell which will dissipate within a couple of days, after that it should smell neutral and odour free.



In Summary:

To remove dog odour from your vehicle, we recommend the following steps:

  • Clean your vehicle thoroughly: After vacuuming, using a micro fibre cloth, wipe the entire interior of the vehicle down, including the roof lining, with AirVidox Interior Cleaner solution, focusing on the area where your dog has been sitting. This solution will help to dissolve and extract the oily secretion. When you are satisfied that the car has been cleaned, allow the carpets and surfaces to dry well.
  • Use Airvidox Odour Eliminator: Activate Airvidox Odour Eliminator using the instructions provided in the box and place the activated airvidox in the vehicle for 8 hours, making sure to avoid breathing in the gas. Once Airvidox has been activated it should be placed in the vehicle straight away to ensure the greatest effectiveness of the treatment. 
  • Add your custom car fragrance: Once you have recirculated the gas through the ventilation system and allowed the car to air out thoroughly, you car should smell neutral and odour free, you are now ready to add you custom car fragrance!

Our fragrance recommendations: To create a fresh ambiance reminiscent of cool summer mornings, try our popular Crisp Linen or Lemongrass fragrance. Bamboo fragrance adds a fresh and green ambiance to your vehicle, a sophisticated and refreshing and clean fragrance.  

If you would like a more fun fragrance, why not try one from our fruity range such as So berry, Grapefruit or Coconut!

 3 step dog odour removing process:

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