Smoke odour in your car? Here’s how to remove it once and for all.

You have just bought a used car and discover that the previous owner had smoked in it. You have tried everything to remove the smoke smell, but nothing seems to get rid of it. You are about to give up, when you come across Airvidox.


How is Airvidox Odour Eliminator any different?

Airvidox permanently eliminates the smoke odour with a specialised CLO2 gas, which helps to eliminate odour causing molecules by engulfing and destroying them, not just masking them.


How do I remove the smoke odour?

The following steps will help you get the best results from the Airvidox treatment:

Step 1: Clean the interior of the car:

Clean the car well with a good quality interior cleaner such as Airvidox Interior Cleaner. It is important to clean the inside of the car thoroughly before starting the Airvidox treatment as the smoke odour molecules cling to all surfaces of the car.

Use a good car interior cleaner to wipe down all the surfaces in the car, including the roof lining and boot. Airvidox Interior Cleaner can be used on all interior surfaces including both leather and fabric seats.
Wait for the surfaces to dry thoroughly before starting the Airvidox treatment.



Step 2: Treat the car with Airvidox:

Have a piece of cardboard ready on which to place the Airvidox jar once it has been activated, to prevent any spillage risk.
You are now ready to activate Airvidox.

Activation: Add powder from container labelled ‘Part A’ to larger jar labelled ‘Part B’. Add 60ml of cold water to powder mixture. Close lid of container tightly and shake for 30 seconds.
A dark yellow gel will form, indicating that AirVidox is activated. Open the lid of the jar and place it on the piece of cardboard in the car. Close all the doors and leave the jar in the car overnight for 8 hours.



After 8 hours, recirculate the gas through the ventilation system for a further 30 minutes. Making sure to avoid breathing in the gas. Once complete, open the doors of your vehicle and leave the gas to dissipate before removing the AirVidox jar.

Remove the AirVidox jar and leave the vehicle to air out for a further 30 minutes before driving. The car will have a slight post treatment smell which will dissipate within a couple of days, after that it should smell neutral and odour free.



Step 3: Add your custom fragrance:

Now that the car is odour free and smelling neutral, you can fragrance it with one of our top-quality fragrances. Our bestselling fragrances are LeatherCrisp Linen and Lemongrass however we have an extensive range of car fragrances to suit all tastes.




Congratulations! You have now completed your Airvidox treatment.

Happy driving!


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