How to remove foul odours from your boat cabin

It is inevitable that if your boat has been out of use for a while it will develop odours, which we all know can really spoil a day out on the water. The source of the odour is often due to poor ventilation and most odours will dissipate once you have openened up the hatches, ports and companionways allowing the fresh air to flow through the boat.


However if a damp stagnant odour still lingers, taking the following steps will help:

  • Wash and wipe down all surfaces including headliners with a good surface sanitiser.
  • Steam clean any carpets and upholstery or remove covers and wash well.
  • Remove and wash all items such as bedding and cushions.
  • For cabins where stagnant mould and mildew is very intense or is not improving with airing out or steam cleaning,  Airvidox Odour Eliminator is your next choice as it will eradicate the odour at molecular level including all forms of microbial life: viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores.

Using AirVidox Odour Eliminator

1) Ensure that all surfaces are dry before doing the treatment.

2) Follow usage instruction included with the product, ensuring that the cabin is vacant and well-sealed to allow the gas to penetrate the enclosed space without any leakage.

3) Once treatment has been completed, air out the cabin well for a few hours, using a strong portable fan if necessary.


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