How To Remove Dog Odour From A Car

We love dogs, but taking them on trips in the car often leads to that notorious wet dog smell. Odours are emphasised during winter months, as most dogs absolutely love running through puddles and rolling in mud. Just the thought of having to let your wet, muddy pup back in your car may cause your heart to race due to the odour problems it will cause.

Dog Shaking

Fortunately, AirVidox is extremely effective at permanently removing dog odours from a car. However, it is important that the car is properly cleaned first to remove the source of the odour. You can either get the car professionally valeted or follow our guide in cleaning the vehicle yourself.

Getting the car professionally Valeted:

Steam Cleaning Dog Odour
A valeting company can provide a deep clean which will remove the dirt, fur and oils that have been ingrained in the seats. However, there is no guarantee that the dog odour won't return once the air freshener they have used loses its strength.
If this is the case, using AirVidox on a professionally cleaned vehicle will ensure permanent removal of the dog odour. AirVidox will fill every crevice with the gas it releases to permanently remove the remaining odour.
If getting your car professionally valeted is not an option, you can follow our recommended steps in cleaning the car yourself.

Cleaning the car yourself:

Step 1 - Vacuum

1 Vacuum Dog Odour
The severity of the dog odour will vary from car to car. The odour is caused by moisture and oils on the fur which are absorbed into the car’s interior. This leads to a buildup of bacteria in the vehicle which causes an odour that progressively gets worse.
To begin, remove dog odour affected contents such as clothing, toys and cushions. Vacuum all areas of the car ensuring that all fur has been removed. Don’t forget to vacuum the dash and interior roof of the vehicle as a dog’s breath releases pungent moisture particles which dry on your vehicles interior.

Step 2 – Clean the Windows

2 Cleaning Windows Dog Odour
Depending on the size of the dog, windows may get covered in saliva and moisture from the fur. This releases odour into your vehicle which is emphasised on a sunny day. Use a window cleaning solution to clean the interior windows of the car. 

Step 3 -Interior Scrub

Moisture and oil from the dog is absorbed by the upholstery and interior mats. Pour AirVidox car interior cleaning concentrate into 5 Litres of warm water. Remove the foot-well mats from the car. Soak a cloth in the liquid solution cloth and scrub the areas where the dog has been. It is important not to forget the roof and hard surfaces of the car. Rinse out the cloth often. Wash the foot mats in the washing machine or scrub them with the liquid solution.
Leave to Dry

Step 4 - Using AirVidox 

At this point your car will be as clean as it can be, however remaining bacteria is likely to cause a lingering smell of dog.
Treating your car with AirVidox will permanently remove the odour. Ensure that your car is dry before treatment.
Simply place the solution in your car, close all doors and windows and leave for 8 hours. The AirVidox product will release a gas which targets odour causing molecules and destroys them.
If you are treating a convertible, use two doses of AirVidox at once as the gas is more likely to leak out. After 8 hours, turn on the ventilation system on the recirculation setting and let it run for a further 30 minutes. This will remove any odour within the ventilation system. 
Once the AirVidox treatment is complete, you will have a clean smelling, odour free vehicle. This is the perfect time to add excitement to your odour free journey with our fragrances! To purchase our products visit our shop by clicking the link below:

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