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Written by Darren Lynsdale


So you’ve spotted an amazing classic car, but it has been smoked in with abominable disdain by the ignorant.

Do you buy the car or write it off as a bargain to be missed? The normal route would be to pay around £400 to £1000 to have it completely steam cleaned and then use an Ozone machine to clear out any bad odours.

Even then if the car has been smoked in for years, it may well not remove all the smell.

We heard of a new product that could clean out any smell, and particularly bad tobacco smells for as little as £20.

This product is called AirVidox and is sold online by a British company for £17.50.

So we went and bought a cheap sports car that had the worst tobacco smell we could find. A lovely little roadster that would benefit from being restored. Think of this as a rescue car that otherwise would have been left unloved and discarded.

So first we cleaned the car, a light steam clean, then tested that it still smelled and yes it did.

AirVidox is made up of Sodium Chlorite, yup similar to the poison that the mango moron is advising people to drink or inject to cure Covid-19. To be clear this is a powerful disinfectant, similar to the chlorine used in swimming pools. Chlorine is heavily diluted in swimming pools and definitely not for drinking.

However as a car cleaner it is amazing stuff.

The activated AirVodox Odour Eliminator emits a powerful dry chlorine dioxide gas which penetrates and oxidises odours and all forms of microbial life, including, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores.

So we carefully followed the instructions. You simply mix the two containers together with water and leave it open in the centre of the car, where the fumes then work their magic. It is extremely easy to use.

The next morning the tobacco smell had gone, however over a couple of weeks with the very hot weather, around 30 degrees Centigrade, the smell came back. Not as strong as before but still present.

The car had been smoked in furiously for a decade. Yes, there should be some kind of capital punishment for people who do this.

So we tried again, first we steam cleaned it thoroughly, concentrating on the area where the smoke had concentrated, which was just above the passenger seat. Then we left the AirVidox in the car during the day in strong sunlight, having thought to place the mixture in an extra ceramic bowl in case it expanded. The strong direct sunlight did make it overflow ever so sightly so this was a wise move.

Do note that this is against the very clear instructions from the company that state it should be done overnight.

We reckoned that the direct sun and heat would enable the chlorine dioxide gas to completely eradicate the heated tobacco oil, which would more easily be broken down and disinfected whilst warm.

The result was impeccable. A month later and absolutely no smell of tobacco at all. For the first week or so there is a faint smell of chlorine, not like a swimming pool, but more a dry clean smell, which is not unappealing.

AirVidox when mixed essentially exudes a chlorine dioxide gas that kills off any bacteria and oils that cleaning does not remove. It is an amazing product and we highly recommend it. Then you van perfume the car as you wish to bring it back to new.

AirVidox is perfect for either traders wishing to renew cars for sale or for private buyers who can revive a bargain or reclaim a classic car that has been poorly abused. It also works on dog smells and any accidental spillages. Just follow the instructions carefully.


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